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sealing machines

Table-top sealing machines  are used when bags, sacks or other thermoplastic foil packaging have to be sealed in a manual or semi-automatic process. Depending on the type of packaging material, there are three different variants available:

• sealing devices (with constant heated sealing bars)
• Impulse-sealing devices (with heatsealing bands)
• Horizontal continuous welding machines

All device variations are as well available as validatable versions and are used for example in the medical or Food industry.

In addition to the appropriate specification of the sealing machines our employees also take care of the upstream and downstream work processes.

sealing machine with heatseal bands and vacuum
sealing machine with constant sealing bars
horizontal sealing machine
Impuls-sealing machine with heatsealing bands

sealing machines in use

Sealing machines can be small supporter. Fits in many places in companies and are always available for a specific closing of bags.

Sealing machines are great supporter if integrated into a semi-automatic process with product feeding and dosing and removal of the finished bag and possibly buffering on a turntable. This can be used to pack large quantities just with one person.

The picture on the right shows a table welder with a vacuum lance to package products in vacuum.

specific conveyor belts
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